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Chasing Myself

A documentary from female to male transgender. Chase, Clock, Inc's Executive Director, grows up in a small town and struggles to fully express his identity to his friends and family.



Founded in 2015, gc2b is a trans-owned company based in Maryland. gc2b's founder, CEO, and designer -- a Black and Latinx trans man -- saw that the only binding options were uncomfortable and inadequate compression shirts designed for cis men. 


National Center for Transgender Equality

NCTE envisions a society in which transgender people not only survive, but thrive.

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So, You're Kid is Trans: Parent's Guide

A guide for parents, families, allies, etc to better understand ways to support those in the transgender community.


Planned Parenthood - Ottawa

This location provides Transgender Hormone Therapy.


Planned Parenthood - Peoria

This location provides Transgender Hormone Therapy.



TRACE is a mobile application created to foster a brighter and more gender-affirming future for transgender and non-binary individuals.


University of Iowa LGBT+ Clinic

You belong here. Our LGBTQ team is proud to provide welcoming and affirming health care for all.


Voice Lessons - Augustana College

Augustana College communication sciences and disorders students work together with Barbara A. Roseman Center clinical supervisors to review plans for gender-affirming therapy sessions. 

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