Clock, Inc

Clock, Inc is an organization that provides support groups, education groups, counseling, speaking/trainings,

workshops, community events and a consistent location for LGBT+ individuals in the Quad City area. 

The LGBT+ Center provides resources that include all ages, genders, and cultures.


 Clock, Inc extends face to face opportunities to build relationships with others and provide them with

support in multiple ways. There are opportunities for counselors, educators and parents to be more informed about the

LGBT+ community and how to better assist individuals in the future.


Meet the team!


Megan Mauer


Megan has been in the childcare profession for over a decade. Throughout that time, she has aided

in the mental, emotional, and physical development of youth ranging in age from infants to pre-teens. Currently, she is the supervisor at CBCAC in Davenport, Iowa and in the past has been a live-in nanny as well as worked for multiple childcare centers, including the Nonprofit Friendly House.


Megan has been a lifelong ally and has actively been engaged with the LGBT+ community for the past five years. She closely works with the QC and surrounding area drag scenes in which she has planned, promoted and managed shows and fundraisers. In addition to that, she is a Board Member for Queens for a Cause, with duties liaison handling any public relations.

Becky Castañeda


Becky attended Augustana College and has been a part of the QC community for 12 years. She works in the IT/Project Management field. She has participated in drag shows and has been an avid supporter of the community for over 10 years. 


She openly identifies as a lesbian and is happily married with 3 children. She looks forward to helping LGBTQ+ youth through her experiences with similar struggles.


Becky’s role as Associate Director will include, developing fundraising events, managing volunteers, marketing, organizing events/projects related to Clock, Inc’s mission and purpose.

Amy Simpson


Amy grew up in Eldridge, Iowa and is admittedly a proud North Scott Alumni. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Iowa. Amy has worked as an advocate for mental health and disability services for most of her adult life. Her experience includes working extensively with people in the community; service planning, case management and long-term support services for mental health and disabilities. Amy was the founder and director of New Found Hope, Inc. (a licensed in home Medicaid provider) from 2007 to 2018.


Amy is an ally and active supporter of the LGBT+ community. As a parent of a child who identifies as transgender, she is dedicated to ensuring support and resources for LGBT+ youth and families in the Quad Cities. In joining the board at Clock, Inc. Amy hopes to promote Clock, Inc’s mission of acceptance and help others with similar situations.

Paula Randall

Communications and Public Relations Committees Chair

Paula has been a flight attendant since 1989 and have been proudly flying for American Airlines for 12 years of those years. In October 2018, Paula was crowned the first Miss Trans USA 2019 of the Mr. & Miss Trans USA Pageant System. During her Reign, she has come out to over 130,000 American Airline employee and  has traveled extensively advocating for transgender rights. She accomplished a dream of hers by headlining at San Francisco Pride in June 2019.


Paula has been a supporter of Clock, Inc since the start and expressed, “this was something I wanted to get involved with, not only for all of the community, but for the LGBT+ youth and allies. I want to help provide them with knowledge and do my part to help build up their self-esteem and confidence!”

Alyx Foster

Program Committees Chair

Alyxzander Foster is a recent graduate from Coolidge Alternative High School. Alyx was a driving force to establish Clock, Inc in the Quad Cities and was involved in the initial planning of the organization. Alyx is personally involved in the community and identifies as a female to male transgender and recently celebrated 3 months on Testosterone.  


Alyx got involved with Clock, Inc to make a difference in the lives of people in the LGBT+ community. Alyx strives to help people out as much as he can. “I feel like Clock is my home away from home and want others to feel the same!”


Olivia Covert

Olivia was born, raised, and still happily resides in the Quad Cities. She attended Augustana College, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching German, and has 10+ years of experience working with youth, young adults, and adults in academic environments and methods such as teaching, tutoring and mentoring.


Currently, Olivia is completing her final semester of graduate school at Western Illinois University-QC in the Museum Studies program. She hopes to continue her education and obtain a further graduate degree in non-profit management. 


Her master’s thesis showcases Clock, Inc and focuses on the behind-the-scenes world of small non-profits and the challenges they face in their first years. She also currently works as an intern for Clock, Inc. 


Olivia identifies as pansexual but has only recently come out to her family and select friends. She hopes to use her experiences to aid LGBT+ youth and adults in sharing their stories through open dialogue programming. 

Robert Burke


Robert is a rising senior at Augustana College studying sociology and geography. His career interests and work experiences are within community facilitation, urban planning, and environmental research.


At Augustana, Robert has served as a Community Advisor to first-year residents and as a teaching assistant in the Department of Geography. Robert is currently one of the campus coordinators of Sustained Dialogue at Augustana, a dialogue-to-action process which assists those in identity-based conflict in creating sustainable change in their communities by focusing on relationships and experiences.

Robert’s senior research project, LGBTQC, is an interview-based study of queer perspectives on space and place in the Quad Cities. He is currently recruiting participants for this study; to volunteer, follow the link below!

Chase Norris

Executive Director/Founder

Chase, recently graduated with his master's in counselor education from Western Illinois University: QC. He has clinical experience working with individuals in the LGBT+ community suffering from depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, personality disorders, and many more diagnoses while in his graduate program. 

Apart from working with the LGBT+ population, he is personally involved in the community and identifies as a female to male transgender. Chase has presented at many events speaking about Transgender Awareness and his own personal struggles “coming out” in a small rural town. For Chase's final project in graduate school, he made a documentary "Chasing Myself" of his transition from the perspective of his friends and family. (Link below)