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Clock, Inc’s purpose is to provide a non-judgmental, safe, and reliable community center for LGBT+ individuals to reduce any feelings of discrimination or isolation.


While our Executive Director, Chase Norris, was completing his Master’s in Counselor Education, he started an LGBT+ Youth group at his internship site. As time went on, Chase’s LGBT+ youth group was becoming more populated. Each week he worked with these young adults who were struggling with so much, but yet, so brave. As graduation was getting closer and Chase’s time with these kids was coming to end, he could not fathom the idea of “abandoning” them. In one of their remaining groups he asked the kids, “If you could have any resource available to you, what would you want?” In unison, they replied, “A safe place for us to go.”


At that next group meeting, Chase told the kids that he would try to open an LGBT+ Community Center and they spent the entire group talking about resources they would want offered at their center. Every idea, plan, event was suggested by one of these group kids. Chase graduated with his Master’s in December 2018, he moved his weekly group to a friend’s mental health private practice, which was now a free support group. This allowed him to keep his group going until he was able to provide these kids with a community center of their own.


December 26, 2018: Clock, Inc was officially Founded in the State of Illinois.


March 8, 2019: Chase and the Board of Directors opened the doors to Clock, Inc: LGBT+ Community Center in the Quad Cities.


May 9, 2019: Clock, Inc became an official 501c3 nonprofit organization.


June 10, 2019: Clock, Inc held our official Grand Opening Ceremony!

February 12, 2021: Clock, Inc moved into our current 4700 square foot facility in Rock Valley Plaza.

April 28th, 2022: 


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