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Becky Castaneda


Becky attended Augustana College & has been a part of the QC community for 12 years. She works in the IT/Project Management field. She has participated in drag shows & has been an avid supporter of the community for over 10 years. She openly identifies as a lesbian & is happily married with 3 children. She looks forward to helping LGBTQ+ youth through her experiences with similar struggles.



Abigayle Allen


Abigayle (or Abbie) is a QCA boomerang.  After receiving a BA in Accounting from St Ambrose in 2001 she skipped town for Chicago, & then moved back to the area in 2015.  Abigayle joined Clock, Inc as another way of furthering her mission to foster a world where everyone can be their authentic selves all day every day without fear of being held back or cast aside.  A married mother of three, Abigayle identifies as bisexual and enjoys challenging stereotypes, particularly about women and accountants.

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Kate Johnson


Kate works for the University of Arizona Global Campus, where she is responsible for institutional-level faculty development. Kate’s love of the Quad Cities began during her undergraduate days at St. Ambrose University. Since then, she has put down roots, started a family, and began to look at how she can give back to the community by supporting organizations that align with her values. Clock, Inc. embodies those values by advocating for the community she loves with a platform she feels strongly about, advocating for the LGBT+ community. Kate is excited for the opportunity to be of service to Clock, Inc. and the QCA community.


Fundraising Chair

Stacey McIntosh


Stacey brings over 17 years of non-profit fundraising experience. Stacey’s goal in joining the board is to help raise awareness and funds for Clock, Inc, creating a sustainability plan that will keep Clock Inc. In the community for generations to come. She says, “I am passionate about what Clock, Inc does not just in our community but in our region. There is no other organization like it in our region, we need to help people understand the mission & vision & then connect them with our cause, creating long-term investments & reaching fundraising goals. I am excited to join the team and be a small part of the success of Clock, Inc.”


 Grant Development Coordinator

Micah Johnson


Micah is a queer social worker & attorney originally from rural northern Iowa.  His past social work practice has involved substance abuse counseling, child and adolescent therapy, and LGBTQ youth development.  Micah believes that Clock is a vital resource for the entire region, & as a board member, he is committed to its growth and sustainability.


Assistant Treasurer

Nate Grunert


Nate is a transplant to the QC area due to his service in the military. He has worked as a Finance and Comptroller Officer for the past 8 years & holds a degree in Accounting and specializes in data analytics. He joined Clock, Inc to help the organization thrive & provide the LGBT+ community services that weren’t available in his youth.

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