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ClockWise Connection

ClockWise Connection provides opportunities to connect LGBT+ youth with mentors that provide support and empowerment to live more full, happy, productive lives. Through this program, mentees are able to develop and implement goal setting, and important life skills, obtain access to new opportunities and are guided through life’s transitions and milestones with the assistance of a mentor. 

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ClockWise Connection is a credible, confidential relationship between LGBT+ youth as the mentee and a safe, positive, and affirming role model. This program provides a non-judgmental, safe, and empowering space for mentors and mentees to engage in topics regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, careers, social support, and goal setting through educational workshops and activities. 



To promote positive relationships between mentors and mentees that will provide social support, guidance, and resources to LGBT+ youth. 


  • To provide support to LGBT+ youth who are in the process of coming out or who are struggling to express themselves in their respective work environment. 

  • To develop and achieve at least two personal goals while in the 12-month program.

  • To expose LGBT+ youth to a diverse range of professional career fields and opportunities for members of the community. 

  • To offer resources to LGBT+ youth as they explore issues related to professional development. 

  • To help connect LGBT+ youth to the larger LGBT+ community. 

  • To increase the visibility of LGBT+ professionals in the Quad Cities and surrounding area.

  • To aid in the LGBT+ youth’s development of a strong sense of their own sexual identity, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

  • To provide LGBT+ youth with concrete life and problem solving skills. 

  • Assisting and strengthening their emotional intelligence and communication skills by gaining new perspectives. 

  • To develop, strengthen, and validate leadership skills.


Become a Mentor!

ClockWise Connections offers the chance to build a partnership between two individuals, the mentor and the mentee. The mentor is selected by the mentee, LGBT+ youth, which empowers them by selecting whom they feel is the best fit as their mentor.


To be involved in a mentoring relationship is a privilege for both participants, and as a result, it is important to be gracious and thoughtful towards each other. When unclear about what to do or how to act, please seek guidance from Clock, Inc staff. The gesture of asking conveys respect for what the two of you are working to accomplish.

Become a Mentee!

ClockWise Connections empowers LGBT+ youth and young adults to live more full, happy, and productive lives. Mentees receive one-on-one mentoring and support from a qualified mentor. Mentor-mentee pairs are based on identified needs and want of the mentee. Each mentee will have a “match:'' session before beginning the mentoring program to assure their needs are met and that they are a compatible pair. 

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Mentee Requirements/Categories

Are you between the ages of 12-24?

- You are eligible to become a ClockWise Connection Mentee!

Have you ever felt alone and wished you had someone more experienced to confide in?

- You are eligible to become a ClockWise Connection Mentee!


Do you wish you could be exposed to fun and interesting aspects of life while being an out and proud community member?

- You are eligible to become a ClockWise Connection Mentee!

Are you a student/young adult yearning for professional guidance from someone in your desired career field or learning about new opportunities?

- You are eligible to become a ClockWise Connection Mentee!

Do you think you could benefit from a mentoring program?

- You are eligible to become a ClockWise Connection Mentee!

Mentor Requirements/Categories

How long do I need to commit to this program?

- 1 year!

Do I have to pass a background check?

- Every ClockWise Connection Mentor MUST complete a background check. 

Do I have to attend training to become a mentor?

- Yes, every ClockWise Connection Mentor is required to complete mentorship training through Clock, Inc.

Do I need to identify as LGBT+ to participate as a mentor?

- No. Allies are welcome to be mentors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this exciting new program!

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